Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Casey: Class of 2010

Long before Ally and Hudson, Dan and I had an espresso stand. For 4 years I met all kinds of people. People who stopped by every morning, every afternoon, every weekend, and some who stopped twice or even three times a day. My customers became my friends. They were there when Dan and I got engaged, as we planned our wedding, bought our first home, and even when I was sicker than sick with our first baby. They were the best. Some of them were people I wouldn't have chosen for friends, but after years of serving them coffee, I couldn't imagine my mornings without them stopping by.

Of course out of all the customers, we had our favorites. The customers that put a smile on our face when we saw their car pulling up. One of my favorites was Connie, a total PTA mom who rocked a blue mini van, whose entire life revolved around her two little kids. I loved her! Well those two little blonde kids have grown up, so much that one is now graduating from High School this year. Crazy.

So how fun to meet up with Connie and Casey to shoot his senior photos. He's such a fun kid, totally easy going, super sweet to his mom, and even Ally, who played my assistant for the day. I'll have to download the photos off her camera and see if Casey wants to use any of those for the yearbook....

It was great to catch up with you Connie! Can't believe you have a Senior!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Boyle Family

This last Saturday I met an amazing family, the Boyles. I couldn't believe how much they all genuinely liked each other! Not that it's unusual to like your family members but it's rare that kids are excited and happy to have family photos taken. The kids were hugging, laughing, holding hands, I hardly even had to ask! You could just see the love for each other in their eyes. It was so sweet.

Thanks for the fun time guys!










Friday, September 10, 2010

Kristina & Andrew

Imagine the hottest day of the summer and a pumpkin patch with little to no shade. That would be the day of Kristina and Andrew's wedding.

I took a shower, dryed my hair, and dressed in the coolest, yet dressy enough outfit to photograph their wedding.

It was hot.

When I got out of the car at Craven Farms in Snohomish, my hair instantly went straight up into a ponytail. So glad I spent the time to wash and dry all of it.

Lucky for Kristina and Andrew, both were from Texas so the heat was no big deal to them. Meanwhile I was panting and hoping my couple swipes of Dan's MENS DEODORANT would do the job. UGH.

What a day, what a crowd. The wedding party was wild and crazy, and definitely knew how to have a good time. By the end of the night, the groomsmen had stripped down to just their bow ties and vests, and a handful of guests, including a few I was totally caught off guard by, were doing keg stands. Yes. Keg stands.

It was actually a really fun wedding. Despite the scorcher of a day, I had a great time. Thanks Kristina and Andrew! You guys, I'm certain, will have one crazy fun life together!